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Here you can find the records of the RAB 2020. 

Why do we develop autoimmune diseases; proofs of concept and the involvement of the autonomic nervous system

Yehuda Shoenfeld, Israel

Anti-GPCR abs as biomarker and effector molecules

Gabriela Riemekasten, Germany

Interaction of autoantibodies and microangiopathy in SSc patients

Jeska DeVries, Netherlands

Role of ab and ab networks in SSc symptoms and co-morbidities

Susanne Schinke, Germany

Establishment of a novel humanized mouse model for SSc

Xinhua Yu, China

New non-HLA antibodies in transplantation

Miroslaw Banasik, Poland

New insights into AT1R- and ETAR-antibody function

Aurelie Philippe, Germany

Antibody-mediated rejection after transplantation

Carmen Lefaucheur, France

Functionality of protease-activated receptor antibodies

Rusan A. Catar, Germany

ß2 adrenergic receptor antibodies in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME

Carmen Scheibenbogen, Germany

CSF as a biological fluid and source for biomarkers

Jonas Bergquist, Schweden

Anti-GPCR autoantibodies in psychoneuroimmunology

Tanja Lange, Germany

Novel concepts in the therapy of dilatative cardiomyopathy

Stephan Felix, Germany

The role of ß1 adrenergic receptor antibodies as biomarker in ACS

Diana Ernst, Germany

Stabilin as biomarker in the field of cardiology

Carsten Tschöpe, Germany

What comes after ab binding? How to go beyond the cell surface?

Evi Kostenis, Germany

Pathogenetic role of autoantibodies against AT1R in mice

Frank Petersen, Germany

Functional characteristics of antibodies

Cynthia Fehres, Netherlands

Role of IL-13 in the development of occlusive vasculopathy in AT1R-induced mouse model for SSc

Xinhua Yu, China