Preliminary Program



Friday, 28. September 2018

Welcome and opening lectures

Welcome note by the University President
Gabriele Gillesen-Kaesbach

Welcome note by the Symposium´s Chair
Gabriela Riemekasten

Challenges in the research of anti-GPCR ab I
Duska Dragun

Challenges in the reasearch of anti-GPCR ab II
Martin Lohse




Saturday, 29. September 2018

Anti-GPCR ab: advantages, pitfalls and problem in the diagnosis

Functional ab causing psychiatric manifestations: Lessons need to be learned
Yehuda Shoenfeld

Ab signatures in autoimmune and non-autoimmune diseases 
Gabriela Riemekasten

Lessons from TSRH ab: pitfalls and challenges in their diagnostic
Simon Lytton

Talks from selected abstracts

10:30am  Coffee break

Are anti-GPCR ab pathogenic?

ß-adrenergic receptor ab: pitfalls in the diagnostic and in studying ab effects
Fritz Boege

Novel targets in the diagnosis of autoimmune and non-autoimmune diseases
Harald Heidecke

Anti-AT1R ab and autoimmunity to GPCR as cause or contributor to skin fibrosis and interstitial lung disease
Xinhua Yu

Monoclonal anti-AT1R ab from a SSc mouse model: evaluation of their functions
Frank Petersen

Talks from selected abstracts

12:30pm  Lunch break
1:30pm Poster Session

Signaling of anti-GPCR ab: can we identify novel targets?

Signaling and GPCR biology using cell models
Aurelie Philippe

Lessons from dermatology: Anti-Dsg1/3 und anti-BP180-induced signaling
Ralf Ludwig

Role of antibodies against PAR-1 and PAR-2 in different diseases
Rusan Catar

Talks from selected abstracts

4:00pmCoffee break

Anti-GPCR ab as marker for diseases and therapeutic responses 

Antibodies against complement receptors: impact in pathophysiology
Christian Karsten

Anti-GPCR ab in atherosclerosis
Zouhair Aherrahrou

Immunoadsorption in Vascular Dementia - a novel approach to Alzheimer´s Disease?
Hans Grabe

First results of the prospective ETiCS: inflammation rather than ischemia triggers the development of cardiac GPCR-autoantibodies
Roland Jahns

Talks from selected abstracts

6:30pmSocial Event with Dinner



Sunday, 30. September 2018

The difficulty of applying new treatment options in outpatient and clinical patient care.

Chronic Fatigue-Syndrom and Apherese
Carmen Scheibenbogen

The DNA-based therapeutic agent BC 007 completely neutralizes agonistic autoantibodies directed against 1-adrenoreceptors: results of a phase 1 trial
Niels-Peter Becker

Talks from selected abstracts

10:30amCoffee break

Summary and round table discussion

30 years of functional anti-GPCR ab: how to come into the clinical practice? What is missing to convince others?

12:00pmClosing remarks
Gabriela Riemekasten